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Risk Assessment

treat ris assessEffective contingency planning and disaster recovery require expertise in all areas of risk management, including avoidance and recovery. It is too late to plan an effective response after a disaster has occurred.


The Intelligence Group provides general “company” risk assessment, i.e., equipment failure, theft, misuse of equipment, viruses, upgrade problems and bug in computer systems. TIG would determine what assets may be affected by different risks and determine the probability of a risk occurring. While numerous threats could affect a company, not all of them are probable. Thus, only realistic assessments of the risks will be performed. To plan the probability of risk TIG would provide for you a budget for the possibility of the risk happening in a Loss Expectancy Report (LER).


The Intelligence Group also specializes in providing real-time intelligence and proactive travel risk management services. The technology is modeled after government intelligence systems and TIG’s IT experts have increased the efficiency with their expertise. Having intelligence analysts speaking more than 20 languages and working 24/7 in the Response Center we are able to alert clients of changing conditions that affect their assets. Each report is client specific to their needs.