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The Intelligence Group

The Intelligence Group is a highly specialized international investigations and security company. Staffed by highly trained and experienced security personnel we provide comprehensive and specialized security services to companies and organizations based both domestically and internationally.

Our services are supplemented by some of the most advanced computer systems available with access to some of the most comprehensive and modern databases in existence. Our facility is in a state of the art underground nuclear bomb shelter.

Our services include:

Risk Analysis

Our Risk Analysis services are highly compatible with most systems. We begin with a comprehensive questionnaire composed of 'expert' system principles which allows our team to thoroughly examine the degree of exposure which might negatively impact the security of any component of your company or organization.

The questionnaire is submitted to those personnel in your company who have the appropriate expertise and knowledge to provide the most accurate responses to assist us in evaluating potential and existing threats which can have a negative impact on your company or organization.

Since we recognize that every organization is unique, we customize the question modules which are most appropriate to your specific needs and requirements. The questionnaire does not require you to solicit outside expertise and means that your personnel who respond to the format of questionnaire modules do not require any specialized security knowledge.

Using 'Hypothesis Testing', we can quickly determine the threat level and consider solutions which can be implemented with cost effective solutions.

We provide a range of report formats (reports can be in paper, sent to a terminal or in file format) while providing the risk analysis response results which you most require and is optional.

Counter Intelligence

Industrial espionage has severely impacted many organizations of late. Although many companies employ TSCM firms to ferret out hidden bugs, they often employ systems which are insufficient to effectively locate the latest and boldest micro technology used by industrial spies such as sleeper spy technology and remote controlled devices..

The Intelligence Group employs RF detection technology which is unique and allows us to monitor any frequency during any time period. Our experts can locate the most sophisticated eavesdropping devices utilized. This enables us to detect any form of 'white noise' which may be emanating from any location within the physical boundaries of your company.

We maintain one of the largest databases and have technical profiles on all the latest, known eavesdropping technology.

Our personnel can also easily locate covert spy cameras far more efficiently than the vast majority of other security firms. Generally, we can do so within minutes of entering your office or complex premises.The video devices we can locate include hardwired cameras, recording and any form of remote video device.

The Intelligence Group personnel also have extensive expertise in locating wire taps even with the most sophisticated telecommunication technology available. This includes basic telephone systems, any form of transmission system, local loop parameters, switching systems, fiber optic networks and other telecommunication systems. Not only that, but we can re-race the wiretap back to the spy. Additionally, we can also locate and advise you about weak points and other key points of vulnerabilities.

We also can advise you or supply you with GPS systems, cell phone pings, Lo-Jack, Guidepoint and other devices to secure any aspect of your personnel or equipment.

We can inspect your computer systems with sophisticated anti viral technology and can even dismantle any computer or monitor right down to the circuit board.

Additionally, we can provide you with a thorough and complete analysis of any actual and potential threats which we uncover with sound and practical recommendations to plug any threats which could threaten your company and assets.

The list of our Counter Intelligence Services include:

  • Radio Frequency Analysis
  • Eavesdropping Device Detection
  • Hidden Video Camera Detection
  • Wiretap Detection
  • Time and Frequency Domain Reflectometry
  • Telephone or Speaker Phone Detection
  • Tracking Device Detection
  • Computer Inspection and Evaluation
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Programming and Software Engineering
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Executive Briefings
  • Emergency Operations
  • Emission Security

Asset and Personnel Protection

Our company provides critical intelligence globally to protect your infrastructure, key resources and personnel through a combination of human intel, communications monitoring, satellite tracking and image capture. Our specialists provide a

  • 24/7 Protection Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC),
  • Travel Safety Advisory Reports,
  • Asset Tracking,
  • VIP Protection,
  • Plant and Equipment Protection (including vehicle, aviation and marine).

Our company not only advises you of threats, but will also prevent security breeches and will provide you with detailed crisis management plans. We will alert available first responders whether the threat stems from natural or accidental disasters and includes sabotage.

Our personnel will aid local law enforcement agencies with recovery or rescue of personnel and stolen assets. We have trained, experience personnel who are able to deal with kidnap and ransom scenarios.

We can also provide business grade satellite communications with an unsurpassed reliability anywhere in the world. The reason is because our system is based on the global Network Operations System (NOS) and the superior Teleport System, located at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base based in Houston. These systems allows us to provide you with a fail safe communications system, air conditioning, and electrical power for any facility.

The INtelligence Group can also provide your offices or facility with a barrier system to increase security and access and which can even withstand the encroachment of not only almost any vehicle but also most vehicular missiles.

The Intelligence Group also can provide the services of a Computer Forensics Examiner.

Background/Employee Checks

The Intelligence Group guarantees your company a 1 day turnaround for your corporate employee background checks. Our services can be tailored to suit the requirements of any employee background check relevant to your industry specifications.

Unique to our company is that we can perform electronic fingerprinting services to expedite employee checks (available in only certain states).

Our employees are fully versed and knowledgeable of all applicable Federal and State employment laws.

The services provided by our company include:

  • Previous Employment Checks to verify dates of employment and salary history.
  • Complete Educational Verification to confirm degree, accreditation and can identify diploma mill or fictitious school.
  • Professional Licensing Verification and Professional verification.
  • Professional Reference Checks.
  • Comprehensive Federal, State and Municipal Criminal Records Check.
  • Social Insurance Number verification and tracing.
  • Credit History which includes collections and bankruptcy.
  • Workers Compensation Checks.
  • Drug and Health Screening.
  • Medical Records Check.
  • Civil Court Record Checks.
  • Volunteer Background Verification.
  • National Theft Database.
  • Full Motor Vehicle checks and Transportation history.
  • Lie Detector Testing.