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VIP Executive Protection

The Intelligence Group offes full-service executive security - protects clients from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. The firm's philosophy and techniques are based on the U.S. Secret Service method of proactive and preventative protection.

The Intelligence Group can send its Executive Protection Agents to any area of the world, and benefits from offices and partners in a multitude of cities for key local resources.

Our core client base is comprised of political dignitaries, corporate executives, high net- worth individuals and their families, as well as entertainment organizations and their talent.

The Intelligence Group procures protective intelligence with U.S. and foreign intelligence organizations prior to any protective detail and has the ability to mobilize armored vehicles, 24-hour command centers, encrypted cell phones and private air transportation as necessary.

Other services include uniformed security - residential, estate and event security - security consulting services - and training.